Team Photo Night 18th July

The Team Photo night is scheduled for Wednesday night the 18th July 2018.

The photos will be taken in the Home change rooms at the Club at Graham Road.

We ask each player to wear their Aspley Brown Shorts and Aspley Socks and football boots.

We ask each of the Team Managers to ensure the Team Jumpers are available for the Photo night so each team can be photographed in their football gear.

Coaches and Managers please wear this year’s current Club Polo Shirt.

Umpires please wear their Club Umpire uniform for their photo.

Also we would like to capture a photo of all our Representative Players girls and boys so we ask each Representative to bring their Representative uniform so we can take some group shots.

This year we will be taking individual shots of players as well as the team photo and these individual shots will be taken in the gymnasium area of the Change Rooms.

Please see below the schedule for the night.

As can be seen it is a very tight schedule on the night so, we ask, please, can we organise everyone to be on time please.

To assist in getting through the schedule please ensure your team is organised early.

If a player cannot be there on Photo night an insert can be arranged however the parents will have to provide the photo for the insert.

It is preferable to have the whole team available and present in the Team photograph.

There is also a sausage sizzle on the night being run by the Junior Advisory Panel.

If you can assemble with your team early, say 15 to 20 minutes before you are scheduled, it would assist immensely in being able to hopefully keep to schedule.

If you have any queries please contact Reevesie 3263 2486

Photo Night Schedule

Wednesday 18th July 2018

4.30 pm.          Roys Junior Footy Team Gold

4.35                 Roys Junior Footy Team Brown

4.40                 Roys Junior Footy Team Black

4.45                 Roys Junior Footy Team White

4.50                 Roys Junior Footy Team Red

4.55                 Roys Junior Footy Team Blue

5.00                 Roys Junior Footy Team Green

5.05                 Roys Junior Footy Team Purple

5.10                 Under 8 Gold

5.15                 Under 8 Brown

5.20                 Under 8 Black

5.25                 Under 8 White

5.30                 Under 8 Red

5.35                 Under 8 Blue

5.40                 Under 9 Gold

5.45                 Under 9 Brown

5.50                 Under 9 Black

5.55                 Under 9 White

6.00                 Under 10 Gold

6.05                 Under 10 Brown

6.10                 Under 10 Black

6.15                 Under 11 Gold                       

6.20                 Under 11 Brown

6.25                 Under 12 Gold

6.35                 Under 12 Brown

6.45                 Under 12 Black

6.55                 Under 12 Representative Players

7.05                 Under 13 Girls

7.15                 Under 14 Gold

7.25                 Under 14 Brown

7.35                 Under 14 Black

7.45                 Club Umpires

7.55                 Under 15 Girls

8.05                 Under 15 Girls Representative Players

8.15                 Under 15 Boys Representative Players

8.25                 Under 16 Gold

8.35                 Under 16 Brown (Ferny Grove / Aspley)

8.45                 Under 17 Girls

8.55 pm           Aspley Hornets Representative Players others


We have put aside Wednesday July 25th as a reserve day in case we need to do individual photo extras